Track Company Time

Paid Time Off, Sick Leave, Timesheets, Earned Vacation and all types of time.

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Accruable Time Classifications

Paid time off is normally accruable, so any hours not used in one year, is passed on to the next year.

Enter Daily Notes

People can enter notes into their day entries as a description for their supervisor or just a note for themselves.

Reward employees with more time off.

Time off plans can vary with the years employed. For instance, an employee earns an extra 2 days time off each year.

Two versions of Timesheets

Draft versions can be checked before being finalized by a manager.

Pouring from one cup to another

Any Time Classifications

You can name the types of time used. For example: 'PTO' (Paid Time Off), 'Public Holidays', 'Working at Home' and 'Maternity Leave'.

Automatic accrual

Choose what kind of time is accruable and at what rate. For example, Employees earning 80 hours of paid time off per year will accrue paid time off each timesheet.

Absence and Part-time.

If someone takes many months off in unpaid leave, the years of service is adjusted accordingly. Also part-timers can accrue according to the amount of hours they worked.

Flexible Organization Control

The designated company owner can see and manage all accounts, but managers can be charged with finalizing timesheets of their own group.